Plumbers Website Design: The Best Guide of 2024


So it’s time to get started on your plumbers website design and improve your digital marketing, but you’re not sure where to start, or even how – you could even just get a professional to do it for you.

Let’s look at the basics of getting a plumber website, how much it could cost, and how you start.

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Do plumbers need a website?

There are over 70,000 people searching for your plumbing services every month, whilst having a website isn’t life or death, you could be leaving a lot of work on the table if you’re not online and in-front of your customers!

A website builds trust and authority for new customers, and is a great place to display your plumbing services and previous work. 

As an established plumbing company there’s almost an expectation of a website, which is especially true for commercial contracts and goes a long way to helping you win those tenders!

Image showing how many searches for a plumbing website on Google
LTE plumbing and heating plumbers website design

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DIY or professionally built website design?

When thinking about getting started on your plumber website, there are two options, do it yourself, or hire a freelancer/agency.

There are pro’s and con’s to both, and will usually come down to your budget, time and the value you think a plumbing website will bring to your business.


Building your own plumbers website design is usually your first thought, can’t be that hard can it? Well, that depends on the results you’re after.

There are many DIY web design builders online that can get you up and running within a few hours. Some of them are pretty good, but allow some time to figure things out.

A DIY website is a great starting point if you’re early on in your business, and you want to test the waters, but the results and how much it can do for your business will be limited!


    • Cheaper
    • Easy website builders
    • Quick


  • Time consuming
  • Looks home-made
  • Not as credible
  • Simple features
  • No SEO
  • Low performing
  • Less trustworthy


Professional plumbing websites perform better, are built with the end user in mind and can win your more work – think of them as an investment, rather than an expense.

Finding the right web nerd (like us) for your plumbing website is the critical part, then it’s smooth sailing from there.

Once built, a professionally designed plumber website will look as good as they perform, and have all the right details to show off your work and clearly dispay your services to ensure you’re attracting the right customers.


  • Looks credible
  • Advanced features
  • SEO to help you rank
  • Fast loading
  • Works on mobile
  • Save time


  • More expensive
  • Longer to build
  • Finding a web designer

Plumbing Website Design Examples

LTE plumbing and heating plumbers website design

Take a look at a website we built for a plumbing and heating business.

What is the best DIY website builder for plumbers?

As the popularity of DIY website builders grow, so does the question, which one should I use? Once you’ve picked your DIY builder, we recommend these features for your plumbing content.


WordPress is my favourite choice for a DIY plumber website. Used by website developers and DIYer’s alike, wordpress has a library containing thousdands of free and paid website templates to get you online. 

The behind the scenes user interface isn’t as easy to use, so will require some time figuring out, but totally worth it if you have the time, or more importantly, the patience.


Wix is a user friendly platform, with a small library of free templates and affordable monthly subscriptions, making it a great choice for time-short business owners who want to be done and dusted before dinner. 

Unfortunately if you want something a bit more custom, Wix isn’t for you. The lack of design flexibility, and no supporting third party plugins means you get what you’re given.


Similarly to Wix, Squarespace is very user friendly as you can simply pick a design, and then drop and drag your content around the page. The automatic mobile optimisation is great for caputuring mobile users and it generally has better asthetics.

The designs can be a bit rigid, I guess it’s called square space after all, and it also lacks any customisation, third party plugins and say goodbye to any fancy features. Their all-in-one hosting and domain is easy to grasp, but is also costly in the long run.

If you decide to go down the DIY route, have a planning session for content ideas for your plumbing website.

How much does a plumber website cost?

How much does a website cost is one of the most commonly asked questions. The cost of your plumbing website design depends on which route you take getting one, DIY or professional and the latter can vary quite a bit.


Website builders will be the cheaper up front option to getting kickstarted with your plumber digital marketing. Depending on which platform (WP, WIX, Squarespace) will depend on the fee:

WordPress: £0 plus the associated costs of domain and hosting. There are options for paid website themes and plugins to make your life easier. It’s worth noting that wordpress will require the most amount of time

Wix: £15-£50 per month including hosting and free domain name for 1 year. They have paid premium features and apps. You do have to pay for emails at £5 per email per month.

Squarespace: £15-£60 per month including hosting and a free domain, emails are free for 1 year. 


Professional websites can vary from £1000 all the way to £100,000 depending on what you want and need.

Typically, a freelancer or small agency will be more affordable and offer more of a personalised service. You can expect to pay £1000-£10,000 for a custom website.

Large marketing agencies usually offer more services, but at a premium and a simple 5 page website can start at £5,000.

If you’re a small to medium sized plumbing business looking to kickstart your plumbers digital marketing, a freelancer or small agency will provide the best bang for your buck.

How do I advertise my plumbing website?

Now you have a shiney new website, it’ll only make you money if people see it. There are various ways to get plumbing leads to your website, from social media, SEO and even word of mouth.

Social Media: 

Social media ia great way to attract customers through imagery and interactions. Posting regular photos of your work, and offering advise and solutions is a great way to gain business.

Once you’ve build up a network of customers, start advertising your website through content and profile links.

Search Engines:

Creating a Google My Business for your plumbing company is free, simple and can capture lots of local business. Google prioritises local search results for service based businesses.

Appearing at the top of Google is also a great way to advertise your plumbing website, and this can be achieved via plumbing SEO or PPC (pay per click) with Google ads.

In Person:

Print out some business cards and flyers, add some graphics to the side of your work van, or even attend local networking groups and tell anyone who will listen. Personal interactions are worth their weight in gold, so just slip in conversation that you’ve had a new website built.

Do plumbers need SEO?

Organic Google website traffic from SEO

Appearing on Google for your business name is easy, appearing on Google for your business services is not so much.

For example, let’s say your business is called “George’s Plumbing” – if I searched for this on Google, my website for George’s Plumbing would appear. But if I were to search for “boiler installations” – it’s likely that without a bit of SEO, I would not appear.

Not everybody knows your business name, so you need to also appear for what they need, e.g. bathroom installers, boiler maintenance, commercial plumbing services, etc.

SEO for trades and especially a competitive trade like plumbing, is important if you want to appear above your competition, remember there are 74,000 searches each month.

Want to know more? Read our SEO for Plumbers Guide.

How do I chose a plumbing website domain?

Getting the right domain name for your business can be difficult, and it matters a bit more than you may think. So, how do you pick the best domain name?

The obvious choice is to use your business name, and I agree, it’s the best way to build your brand. That’s of course unless your business name is very long, then condense it into 2, maybe 3 words for your domain.

Below are our do’s and dont’s for plumbing domain names.


  • .com
  • Your business name
  • Short & easy to remember
  • Add keywords like “plumbing”


  • Symbols, “-“
  • Long domains
  • .net, .online etc
  • Adding your location

Finally, check your domain name isn’t offensive or has a quirky meaning in other languages.


How do I create a plumbing logo?

Creating a simple logo for your web design couldn’t be easier with lots of free tools and logo designers all over the internet.

Canva is one of the best free options to creating your business logo, it has lots of free templates, colour pallete suggestions and a large library of text fonts and images for you to use.

Top tip: When designing your logo, create various options to suit different applications. For example, a horizontal logo works best on websites, whilst a vertical logo works best on business cards.

Design multiple various of the same logo and store them for future needs!

How do I get started on my plumbers website design?

If it’s a professional trades website you’re after, we can help! We design websites for the trade and construction sector, with over 15 years experiences in and around the industry, we know exactly what it take to produce the best results for your plumbing website design. 

Take a look at our website portfolio  and get in touch to find the best solution for your plumbing business.

LTE plumbing and heating plumbers website design

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