What is SEO for Plumbers?


How do I start SEO for my plumbing website?

Getting started on SEO for your plumbing website is essential to ranking well on search engines. Here we take an in-depth look at on-page for your plumbing business.

No idea what SEO even is? Don’t fret, our SEO for trades blogs covers all the basics first.

Here’s our easy 3 step guide to help you with your on-page plumbing SEO.

Step 1. Identify the page intent

Each web page should to clearly outline its intent in relation to your plumbing service, the last thing you want to do is add a bunch of mixed content onto the page – you’ll confuse google, and probably your customers, to what your business is.

Think about where you want your customers to land once they have searched for a certain keyword, for example:

1.1 - Homepage

Your homepage is an overview of your service, so think about your primary offer

“Emergency Plumbers”
“Plumbing Services in Kent”
“Plumbers in Kent”.

These are all great keywords to describe intent for your homepage, your customers are intending to find a service based business.

1.2 - Plumbing Service Pages

Having individual pages for your plumbing services will capture any customers looking for each of those services specifically, for example:

“boiler installation”
“bathroom design”
“gas safe “

A common mistake is only having one service page with a list of your services – for search engines, this isn’t clear enough.

1.3 - Plumbing blogs & Guides

Blogs & guides are usually written to answer a question or to find a solution.

“How to fix a leaky tap”
“When should I replace my boiler”

All great blog or guide content should cover the answer or provide a solution for the reader, but also bring them to your website where they can find your plumbing services to assist. Having a section below each blog or guide displaying your plumbing services would also be a good idea.

Step 2. Find some good plumbing SEO keywords.

Is your plumbing website new? Aim for the plumbing SEO keywords which have lower search results. These plumbing SEO keywords are less competitive, so you’re more likely to achieve a higher ranking for those keywords quickly – therefore achieving a higher position on search results.

Has your plumbing website been around for a while? Check which keywords you already rank for on Semrush, decide if they’re correct for your business and take advantage.

Your website authority could mean you’ll be more successful aiming for higher ranking plumbing seo keywords – good news, more organic traffic!

Plumbing SEO keyword research alongside a content plan should be completed regardless of your websites timeline. Just remember, it’s easier to do it right from the start. 

2.1 - What tools will help me find Plumbing SEO Keywords?

Semrush is a free SEO tool which allows you to find commonly searched keywords for your website and its volumetric data. “Plumber near me” gets an estimated 110,000 searches per month in the UK! You can also use it to improve your plumbing SEO on your current website.

SEMrush SEO for plumbing services keyword research tool

Surfer is a free google chrome plugin which gives an estimated search result for search terms while just using google itself, magic! They also display an estimated average cost for PPC.

Surfer keyword research estimator for plumbing seo content research

2.2 - Plumbing SEO Location, Location, Location

Kirsty & Phil are not going to help you here. Identify some specific plumbing seo keyword locations, in-line with the page intent to help your customers find you and your services.

“Plumbers in London” has over 4,000 searches per month and the competition is huge! A new website is very unlikely to show up for this keyword anytime soon! Based in north west London? “Plumbers in Camden” has 170 searches per month – perfect. You can always add more pages to your website aiming for more local areas. 

2.3 - Niche your plumbing SEO keywords!

So you’re a plumber, but what else do you offer outside the typical scope of a plumber, are you gas safe? Do you offer boiler installation? Bathroom design? Targeting these additional services with your keywords will mean you potentially have less competition and maximise your search rankings!

This is where SEO really excels and will ensure you’re doing the most plumbing SEO for your website.

Quick tips for your plumbing SEO

Digital marketing for trades is a competitive space, but having a website is a great place to show customers your plumbing services. To grow and elevate your business means capturing more customers, ranking on page 1 will ensure you’re at least considered with the rest when it comes to your plumbing services.

Plumbing SEO is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimising your website, and it wont fix a messy website, commercio digital offer box fresh trade website designs and can redesign your current website to get it set up for your plumbing seo. 

Quiz – Which keyword have I intended this blog to rank for?

Can I SEO My Plumbing Website?

You’ll struggle to SEO a poorly designed website. Plumbing SEO relies on your website structure and usability being in order, well built and maintained to be effective. Imagine trying to build a house on wet footings, if the ground work isn’t right, everything on top will be wonky…and a wonky website won’t rank well. 

If you’re considering SEO for your plumbing website, perhaps consider a website re-design first to ensure you’re getting the best results form your SEO. Our plumbers  website design offers on-page SEO as standard, and can even get great results without having to invest in monlthy SEO packages.

Take a look at our digital marketing for trades and construction professionals to see what we can do to boost your online presence.

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