Google My Business For Plumbers


I will bang this drum until I run out of drum sticks, there is simply no reason for you not to sign up to google my business for your plumbing company. Unless you have a personal vendetta against Google, then you’re leaving lots of money on the table for your competition to snatch!

Google my business for plumbing companies is ideal for showing what you do, where you do it, how to get in touch and most importantly, it will get you more work! 

What is Google My Business for plumbers?

Google My Business is a free tool which allows you to advertise your plumbing company, services, website, phone, updates and more, to local customers searching for your services on Google.

Google controls what your customers see, based on their search. For example, say I’m based in London, and search “Plumbing services”. Google uses my location to find a local plumbing service, without me even adding “London” into the search bar.

Google My Business for plumbing services is great for capturing customer reviews, business overview and makes it easy for customers to contact you, either through your website or phone.

Why is Google My Business for plumbers important?

Google usually prioritises Google My Business profiles over websites when customers search for a local service. So having a Google My Business for your plumbing company makes a huge difference to your discoverability.

Google My Business for plumbing companies is important for your credibility and authenticity. Having positive customer reviews, a location and a website gives potential customers the confidence to pick your plumbing services.

Other than the side of your van, where else can you list your services, photos of your completed work, contact details, testimonials and hours you work, well, other than a bespoke website for your plumbing company.

The best thing about having a Google My business plumbing profile? It’s free! Plus, it’s one of the most useful SEO for plumbers tools to increase local buisness opportunities.

How to optimise your Google My Business Plumbing Profile

Your customers are looking for a robust, informative Google My Business plumbing company page. Here are some useful tips to ensure your are getting the most out of your Google My Business plumbing profile.

Website – Adding your website link here makes it easy for users to find your plumbing website, especially if you’re not on page 1. It offers a easy solution to driving more traffic to your site so they can discover more about what you do in depth and gain trust in your company.

Services – I strongly recommend adding a list of your services, keep it short and compact, but specific to what you offer. This will cut down false enquiries and help geuine leads come through. Being specific with your services will highlight you from your competition.

Photos – Pictures are worth a thousand words, or something like that. Adding images of your completed work, your team and logo creates a recognisable brand. Profiles with more photos are twice as likely to get noticed, get more website clicks and rank above the competition. Get snappin’.

Customer Reviews – Probably the most important element to a sucessful Google My Business plumbing profile, and one of the hardest to attain. Contact your previous (happy) clients and ask them to write you a review. Customers rely heavily on positive reviews,  impacting their decision on which plumbing company to select, make it yours! 

Posts – Google My Business has a feature where you can add updates, blogs and offers. An active Google My Business for plumbing companies demonstrates your business is alive and going well, putting in the extra effort to keep users up to date and help them learn about your local business.

Get started on your Google My Business Profile

An optimised Google My Business profile is an essential part of your SEO strategy for your plumbing business. Having your Google My Business for your plumbing company will help your online visability and increase your customer reach in the local area.

We offer full set up and optimisation of Google My Business for plumbing companies within our trades website design package. If you would like to know more or get started on your plumbing website design and Google My Business profile, get in touch.