The Best Digital Marketing for Plumbers


Twenty-five years ago, plumbers would market their businesses in ways we’d probably find unusual today. They’d put leaflets through doors, use fax machines to reach out to customers, and spend hundreds of pounds on a big ad in the Yellow Pages!

In the modern day, marketing your plumbing business is still essential when it comes to getting those leads and opportunities. However, digital marketing is now the way forward.

What is digital marketing for plumbers? It refers to any marketing that you do online and includes everything from websites to social media. If it brings you leads and revenue, it’s all good!

Whether you’re a plumber that’s new to digital marketing or you want to put a digital marketing strategy in place for your business, here are five good places to start.

1. Professional Website Design

The first step in becoming a digital marketing-proficient plumber is to create a great-looking website. 

Now if you’re a small business, you might think it’s an unnecessary expense. However, the truth is that a website can bring you lots of business without having to actively advertise for it. 

Not only this, but it can raise brand awareness, tell customers about your services, and boost your rankings in the search engines. We’ll talk about this in more detail later.

A website can also give you the edge over your competitors. 27% of small businesses don’t have websites, so if you have a shiny site and your nearest rival doesn’t, that will work in your favour.

You have a couple of choices when it comes to a website for your plumbing business. You can create your own or get someone else to make one for you. Not that we’re biased or anything, but we’d go with the latter option for your trades web design.

A custom-built website means you get a professional site that provides a high-quality user experience and means you’re not spending time messing around with HTML code or security certificates. We call that a win!

2. Social Media

Nearly half of tradespeople say that having a social media presence helps them get more work. 

Given how much time we spend watching people dance on TikTok and arguing with them on Twitter, social media is the perfect place to find our target audience.

If you decide to promote yourself on social media, there are two things you need to consider. 

First, it’s better to choose one or two platforms rather than spread yourself too thin on everything. Facebook is a good starting point for plumbers as it’s community-based, and lots of people use it. Otherwise, go where your target audience spends the most time.

Secondly, you need to engage with people. It’s no longer enough to create a company page and wait for people to find you. Research the hashtags used, join local groups and make a name for yourself. Then when people need a plumber, yours will be the first business they think of.

3. PPC and Paid Social

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is when you spend money for your business to appear in front of your target audience. This can either be at the top of the search engine results or on your social media platform of choice.

While it can be a great way to build brand awareness and leapfrog your competitors, it’s not ideal for everyone. You need to spend time optimising and refining your ads to ensure you don’t waste money appearing in front of the wrong people.

Our top tips? Use geotargeting to ensure your ads only appear to people in your local area and negative keywords to exclude the wrong search terms from your campaign.

4. Email Marketing

Many plumbers don’t think of email marketing as a way to promote their business. However, out of all the digital marketing channels at your disposal, it has one of the best returns on investment around.

For every £1 you spend on your email marketing, you can expect to get £36 back!

Set up a lead capture box on your website that people can fill in to be added to your email marketing list. Don’t put them on the list without their permission though; otherwise you might get a stern letter from the ICO!

You can use your email marketing list to tell people about your recent blog posts, your latest offers, and even the latest developments in the plumbing world. By keeping in contact with the people on your list, you’re not only reaching new customers, but retaining existing ones too.

5. SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is when you optimise your website for the keywords your customers are most likely to use to find you. This means an increased chance of appearing on the first page of Google or Bing.

A good website design company (like us!) will carry out keyword research and create high-quality copy that will make your plumbing website easy to find. However, there are lots of other things you can do to enhance your plumbing SEO too.

One of the easiest ways to boost your SEO is to get a free Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business). By giving Google additional information about what you do, it can tell potential local customers about your business.

We hope this guide to digital marketing for plumbers has given you lots of ideas about promoting your business online. By spending a little time on digital marketing, you’ll reap the benefits when it comes to finding brand-new customers!

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a brand new website design for your plumbing business, Commercio Digital specialises in digital marketing for tradespeople. Get in touch today, and let’s see how we can work together.

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