Easy Plumbing Website Content Ideas For Your Business 2024


Decided you want a website for your business but not sure about plumbing website content ideas?

Yeah, it’s a boat many plumbers are in, because until now, you’ve not had to think about your brand voice, how you want to appear in front of potential customers or what is or isn’t essential plumbing content.

Luckily for you, we’ve written some easy to follow guidelines when it comes to creating content for your website content.

Who is your ideal customer?

The ones who pay on time….am I right?

Nailing this first will set the scene for your website content, imagery and design. Your website is your 24/7 sales pitch to whoever lands on it, because who doesn’t want more plumbing leads? So, who do you want to attract and who do you not want to attract?

For example, let’s say your ideal customer is a commercial contractor, who require a plumbing company for plant rooms, commercial offices & kitchens, warehouses and so forth, you probably don’t want Dave ringing you up at 7pm who lives at number 43 to change his bath taps!

Now you understand who you want to go after, let’s get them to buying your services and leaving you a 5 star customer review!

How does imagery focus my plumbing website content?

Using imagery on your website is great for showing off your work, but also a very useful tool for showing which sectors and the plumbing service you offer to your customers.

Take the below homepage hero section, the image on the left shows a boiler plant room, which would indicate that the business works within this realm, whereas the image on the right shows a homeowner, adjusting their thermostat, you get the picture…no pun intended.

Imagery has the ability to ignite human emotions, creating trust and turning those website visitors into customers. Various studies have shown that using human faces on your website can even double conversion rates, so get a fresh haircut, iron your work uniform and say cheese!

If you still need convincing, take a look at how popular social media can be for any business. Social media apps such as Instagram were built purely on the back of images, and is used as a tool for generating a huge amount of business!

Social media can be a great tool for increasing traffic to your website and generating leads. Start slowly and focus on one social media platform to begin with, keeping your workload manageable.

Great copywriting is essential for your plumbing website

Tone of voice is very important when it comes to your plumbing website content. Having a brand identity is an essential part of your business plan and how you want to position yourself and attract potential customers.

Does this mean you need a team of experts with a whiteboard and hipster coffee (you know the ones where you have to pour everything yourself) to create a brand voice for your plumbing company? Not exactly, it’s not that complicated, in fact, it’s much simpler.

Hiring a professional copywriter with experience in plumbing SEO will save you the time and energy of putting this bit together, they’ll simply work their magic to create your tone of voice for your plumbing business.

Want to find out more about content writing for your plumbing company? See our 5 reasons why you should hire a copywriter.

Plumbing Services

Displaying your services is essential for your plumbing website, you actually want your customers to know exactly what you do and reduce the amount of false inquiries to your inbox!

Our tips for displaying your plumbing services would be to keep it simple, specific and plumber-jargon free! It’s easy to fall into the trap of overcomplicating your plumbing website services with technical speak that your customers wouldn’t understand, or even care to! Use vocabulary that your neighbour Jeff, who works in IT and thinks Yorkshire is solely a county, would even understand.

While it’s important to remain clear on your services, potential customers are looking for a reliable, honest and competent plumber to solve their issue, integrate this content within your service pages and you’ll have a winning combo!

How do you do this? Answer the three W’s!

Why choose you for their plumbing services?

Cover your company values, experience and what you do better than your competition.

What exactly do you offer within each service?

Within boilers, do you offer installation, replacement, repair, servicing etc.

Where do you offer your services?

Local or national? Within what sectors, residential, commercial, hospitality, health service, public sectors etc.

Show off your plumbing qualifications & accreditations

Now your ideal customers know what you do, who for and where, are you qualified?

Adding a few simple badges within your plumbing website design, showing recognisable qualifications and accreditations will give your business credibility and more importantly, your website visitor(s) confidence to give you a call!

This can simply be a gas safe icon in your website footer, or a focus section on your about page. Not sure how to do this? Contact your website designer, or inquire about our website design service for plumbing companies.

Some qualifications and accreditations work better depending on the customer you want to attract. For example, gas safe, city & guilds and John Lewis approved will speak directly to a residential audience, whereas CHAS and Constructionline lean towards the commercial sector.

Helpful plumbing blogs

Blogs and articles are a great way to showcase your knowledge in the plumbing field and that you go above and beyond when it comes to helping out your customers. Blogs can be used to answer questions, produce informative guides and videos or simply publish company updates.

Blogs are also useful for SEO, by producing informative plumbing content on your blog that directly answers your customers questions will help you appear on search engines and gain website traffic. More traffic = more customers.

Of course, content is only one part of SEO and having an SEO-ready website is your first step. As a web design studio, we create trade website designs that include all aspects of on-page SEO, and we see some great results for our customers. 

Want to know more? We have many guides on SEO for trades , specifically plumbing SEO plus you can contact us for a free SEO report of your existing website.

Now you have your content for your plumbing website, take a look at our 5 favorite plumbing website features every website should have to make yours stand out from the rest!

SEO for plumbing website content

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of enhancing your website by adding value for you potential customers and getting in front of them on google search engines. 

SEO can be broken down into three sections, on-page, off-page and technical seo. Searching engines can be notoriously difficult to rank well on, but the time invested into your plumber seo can reap the rewards if you commit to it.

On-Page SEO is ensuring the website has direction within the build, and this is the space you can have most control over. This includes keyword research, page optimisation, page meta data, image alt text, heading hierarchy, internal linking and content, such as plumbing blogs.

Off-Page SEO is generally the hardest area, and requires some outreach to build some weighty backlinks. Backlinks are where another website links to your website, which is easier said than done. These 3rd party websites need to be well built and have a good authority to really make an impact on your rankings.

Technical SEO reviews the website and server performance, optimising them for Google. This includes page speed, accessibility and performance metrics. These can be reviewed on Googles own tools, such as www.pagespeed.web.dev or 3rd party tools such as www.gtmetrix.com for another angle.

Whilst you may want to leave the above to a web design studio or SEO expert, local business can be had from local seo, that you can easily do yourself with google my business. Google my business is perfect for showing up in front of local customers as Google will prioritise this, especially for a small business or service based businesses.

Social media posts

The question I often see is, “should I focus on social media or my website?”. The answer, probably both. Social media has a different audience to Google, and both can be optimised to work together and raise your brand awareness.

For example, Tik Tok, the popular video clip platform is now utilising search results and connecting customers with brands and services. Instagram is great for promoting images of your work and YouTube can be used to detail progress and show off your projects in real time, if you have the capacity.

Social media can be much easier to keep updated with apps and camera phones while on the go, so having a feed on your homepage can keep your visitors up to date with your projects and build an audience that could one day use your services.

Our only advice here would be to focus on fewer platforms and spend the time doing them properly. It can be tempting to try and attempt all social media platforms at once, whilst trying to run a business and have a life outside of work. Spinning too many plates will result in none of them being effective, so choose wisely and give it your all!

Social media is a great tool for plumbers digital marketing, and should be included within your strategy early on to build a credible portfolio.


Not strictly plumbing content, but every great website should be practicing good accessibility. Accessibility ensures your website is suitable for as many people as possible on as many devices as possible. Whilst it’s the job of your web design agency to ensure you have an accessible design, there are a few things you can check for yourself.

Video and audio should be able to be paused, muted and use text for those hard of hearing. Any text should be clear and easy to read, using simpler fonts, and high contrast backgrounds. All website navigation should be simple, and easy to visit all pages without much trouble, and only by using the tab key on your keyboard, not everyone can use a computer mouse.

We recommend all websites should score 90+ on accessibility using the google page insights report here, and take action if you fall below this metric. If you’d like to know more, take a look at our blog on website accessibility.

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