5 Features Every Good Plumbing Website Should Have


We all know the basics any good plumbing website has, a home page, about page, service page and a contact page. These are fundamentally the essentials needed on any trade website design to inform new customers, who you are, what you do and how they can reach you, simples.

But, what if you could add 5 simple features, that makes your plumbing website stand out, nice to view and simply win you more business. Sounds too good to be true, like one of those scam emails, it’s not, I promise (which I am aware, is also what said scam emails say too). 

Actually, the 5 simple features to add to your plumbing website, you aready have, they’re in your wheelhouse, your designer just forgot to add them in.

1. Accreditations

City & Guilds? Gas Safe? CHAS? Show your website visitors you are qualified to do the task at hand. Plumbers are required, by law to be Gas Safe registered to even breathe in the same vicinity of a boiler, and you’ve worked hard to gain that piece of paper, show it off. 

Recognisable qualifications and accreditations gives you instant credibility with new customers. It demonstrates you are a competent plumbing professional and that you can be trusted to carry out the work to a good, safe standard.

2. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on your website is the equivelant of ‘word of mouth’ online. You probably already have some, in an email, on your check a trade profile, add them to your website to cover all bases. 

A google my business company page is like gold dust when it comes to review, but even these can be migrated over to your website. To learn more, see our google my business for plumbers blog to increase your review portfolio.

3. Contact Links

How easy is it to contact your business on your website? Or even ask, how do you want your customers to contact you? 

Adding a contact pop up button on your website which follows your website visitors around makes it easy for them to contact you at any stage of the journey. That contact button can vary from phone, email or contact form, and ensures you capture your customer at the stage at which they are ready to enquire. 

4. Offers

Have any amazing deals on? Want to promote a boiler offer your wholesaler has that you can pass onto your customer? Great! Are you telling anyone about it? 

Offers are only good, if customers know about them. 

Deals and savings will set you aside from your competiton in such a crowded profession, especially if they benefit the customers wallet.

5. FAQ's

How often do you get the same question from a customer? How many hours have you dedicated to answering that same question? Time is money, add a section for FAQ’s on the relevant plumber website pages to reduce the amount of similar questions you get asked whilst also informing your customers on what they commonly like to know.

Whilst FAQ’s are intended to help your audience, they also provide SEO for plumbers on your website and can help you rank higher on search results, win win.

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