WordPress Website Maintenance

What Is WordPress Website Maintenance?

Once your website is finished, that’s it right? Finished. Yeah…kinda, like any device or software, it requires regular maintenance and updates to ensure it’s always running as smooth as it can.

WordPress website maintenance is essential for keeping your Plugins, CMS and Theme up to date, performing well and secure.

An example of wordpress website maintenance page with updates to be completed

Do I need WordPress Website Maintenance?

Performance – Your websites backend is always improving itself, adding new features and updating it’s security to stay safe from those nasty little hackers. You see, your wordpress cms is built on many layers, using themes and plugins to develop pages to hold all of your copy and images. The more you have, the slower your site will be – and we all know how important it is to have a quick website! 

Security- One of the most important reasons for wordpress website maintenance is security. Someone, somewhere is always trying to steal your data, and wordpress is pretty good at keeping it secure – as long as you keep it updated of course. You don’t want to find your newly created trades website design has been overrun by hackers!

How much does wordpress website maintenance cost?

Before you think “another thing I have to spend money on” perhaps consider if you could afford to have your website in maintenance mode while paying a website nerd to recover your site?

WordPress website maintenance is relatively cheap and should cost you around £30-£60 per month for a low maintenance website. Contact us to get a quote for your wordpress website maintenance or if you’re a bit handy with all things web related, here’s our guide on how to update your wordpress website for you.

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