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Website hosting is essential to keeping your website online. It’s also quite a drain on the enviroment so we’ve partnered with Green Geeks to offer eco-friendly website hosting!

Why choose commercio digital for eco-friendly website hosting...?


We’ve partnered with Green Geeks with their 300% energy match to bring you eco-friendly website hosting for your website. Plus, they plant a tree for each new account!

Unlimited Storage

With no limits to the upload amount of website content, such as images and text, there’s no stopping your business growth.


Our eco-friendly website hosting has affordable monthly pay as you go options and starts from £20 per month.

Hassle free

When you purchase your eco-friendly website hosting through us, we’ll take care of the backend setup and be on hand for any queries. 

What Is Website Hosting?

Website hosting is what keeps your website live 24/7. 

Just imagine a large room, full of internet servers, with 100’s of ethernet cables plugged into them, like you see in the nerd movies.

Your website doesn’t just stay live once launched, it requires another computer, or two, somewhere in the world, which stays switched on 24/7/365, to keep you connected.

You wouldn’t want to see their electricity bill…

Do I need Website Hosting?

Once you have started your trades website design, it’ll need hosting straight away.

Website hosting stores all of your websites files, talks (not literally, computer talk) to your website and ensure everything runs smoothly, images uploading, web speeds, security & much, much more.

Website hosting is available from various suppliers and picking the right one is important to your website performance and security. Website visitors only give you a few seconds to keep them interested (tough gig) – otherwise they’ll be off to one of your competitors.

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How much does website hosting cost?

Website hosting is reletively cheap, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for. 

Cheap hosting will probably mean you run into all sorts of issues, slow webpage loading, limited image uploads, limited memory, low security, no updates. 

You also don’t need to spend £100’s per month to keep you’re website live, especially if it’s a fairly simple site, it’s just not nessesary. 

Website hosting isn’t the nicest for the enviroment either. Website hosting data centres account for 2% of the worlds carbon emissions – which is the same as the airline industry – and it’s only growing! 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Green Geeks to bring you eco-friendly website hosting. Together, we 300% energy match all of our hosting & plant a tree for every hosting account! 

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