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Construction services are searched for 40,000+ times per month on Google in the UK.

Construction Companies Website Search

Whether you’re looking to showcase your services or to expand your current business, getting a website for your construction services gives you an opportunity to grow your brand.

With 40,000+ potential customers looking for construction services online each month, showing up in front of them would be a great idea.

What should I include on my construction companies website?

Digital Business Card

Websites for construction companies act as an extension of your business card, and if you don’t have a business card, that’s ok, I’ll assume you’re trying to help the environment by not producing unnecessary waste. It’s a space to direct your customers giving them all the information they need to research your services and contact you.

Tell your story

Customers are interested in your company's background, how many staff you have and what size of a company you are. This is your chance to add a personal touch to your construction companies website so your customers can get to know you a little bit first - get this right and they’ll feel like they’re talking to an old friend.

Advertise your services

How many times have you answered these questions, “Can you fit a window? Can you fix my fence? Can you come on Sunday after 8pm?” Ok, you’ll probably still get asked that last one. Simply answer them with a services page to show exactly what you do. It will show customers exactly what you do from the outset.

Show off your work

Display your construction work, projects, jobs & anything else you may offer on your construction companies website, and show your customers what you’re great at! Pictures speak a thousand words, so displaying your construction work will give them the confidence to pick you!

Customer Reviews

Google reviews and website testimonials are probably the best way to win more work and give you a competitive advantage over your construction competitors. Customers heavily rely on reviews, they can highlight your business and reinforce your positive credibility.

Generate leads

How many calls do you get a day interrupting your work? How many of them need a follow up conversation because you haven’t been able to give their questions much thought on the spot. A service page will answer a large amount of customer queries, but a contact form will allow you to answer customer enquires during 'admin time', AKA beer o'clock.

How do I start my construction companies website?

You’ve probably realised that getting online with your construction companies website is a good idea. Commercio Digital is a digital marketing agency for trades services specifically offering trades website design & maintenance. 

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