How To Do SEO For Trades



So you’ve heard about this thing called SEO which can help improve your search rankings.

What is it? Why do I need it? Do I need SEO for my trade business?

All valid questions, which have been answered below in our SEO for trades guide, plus, it’s a short read and you’ll be done before your glass of wine has become tepid.

What is SEO for Trades?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website pages to appear higher on search results.

Search engines such as Google will crawl through websites searching for content or keywords in relation to frequent searches.

Search engines have one simple task – display your searches.

Your customer will likely use a search engine to find your services. Make sure you’re showing up with the best answers or solutions to rank as high as possible.

Around 90% of google search users don’t even go onto page 2, so it’s important to aim for the holy grail of page 1.

How Does SEO For Trades Work?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and SEO for your trade  business won’t be either. There’s a reason the colosseum is still standing 2,000 years on and like SEO, it took time to build and requires regular housekeeping.

Technical SEO

Like anything with pillars, you need a good foundation to start from. We'll fix any site health issues to ensure your site is running smoothly and easy for Google to crawl.

This involves checking any images, internal linking, meta data descriptions & your site map.

Keywords & Intent

Now let's decide which bricks and mortar you need for your project, mapping out a content plan and going after those related search results.

Specificity is key here, we'll identify your customers and what they're use to find you.


Time to mix the sand & cement and get laying. Adding Images, Videos, Guides, Blogs, Portfolio, Services - the options are endless.

We'll map out the page intent in conjunction with our keyword research to fully optimise each webpage. 

Are you ready to SEO your Website?

You’ll struggle to SEO a poorly designed website. SEO relies on your website structure and usability being in order. Imagine trying to build a house on wet footings, if the ground work isn’t right, everything on top will be wonky…and a wonky website won’t rank well. 

If you’re considering SEO for your trades website, perhaps consider a website re-design first to ensure you’re getting the best results form your SEO. Our trades website design offers on-page SEO as standard, and can even get great results without having to invest in monlthy SEO packages.

Take a look at the results one of our clients had from a website re-design!

SEO for trades results from a website redesign

Do I need SEO for my trade business?

SEO for your trade will see benefits in the long run. Other methods of appearing on search engines, such as ads/PPC are available and will see quicker search results, albeit, much more expensive. 

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