SEO for Carpenters: 2024 Essential Guide


Do you want to get ahead on search engines such as Google? 

Then SEO is the best investment for your business. Investing in SEO early on will build authority, credibility and give your carpentry or joinery business a sustainable online advantage.

SEO is centered around providing the best content for your readers and building trust, which will not only get you in front of your customers, but more importantly, they’ll buy from you.

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What is SEO for Carpentry and Joinery Businesses?

SEO, or search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website so it appears in the highest ranking position on search engine pages.

Why is this important? Well, the higher your carpenters website ranks, the more website visitors you will get, resulting in more enquiries and more customers.

The best way to do this, is to be better than everyone else on the SERP (search engine results page) by providing the best information to the questions being asked. This can be achieved in various ways, such as content, keywords and tech.

Is your carpentry website SEO ready?

Ever put together a stud wall with twisted timber? Or tried making some furniture with rotting wood? How did it go? 

To get the most from SEO, you need the right product to work with and the same can be said for your website. You’ll struggle to get good results from a badly built web design. SEO starts with an fast, optimised, easy to navigate website, not just how it looks on the surface. A great website ensures you get the most effective results for your digital marketing investment.

Why not check how your own carpentry or joinery website is performing on page speed insights, ideally you want to be in the green, but anything above 80 is acceptable.

Here is one of our carpentry & joinery website designs for The Baldy Carpenter.

seo for carpenters website performance results

Whilst performance is one area of SEO to focus on, there are many others. Such as UX and UI. The way your customers interact with your website and how easiliy they can find the infomation they’re looking for is just as important as how it performs behind the scenes. 

Does your current website capture customers at any stage of their purchase journey?

We’ve designed a range of trades websites for carpentry and joinery companies with on-page SEO andhave seen some great results without the need for expensive on-going SEO.

Fancy a free website audit? Fill in the form below and we’ll get that over to you pronto with some easy tips! 

How can SEO help benefit your carpentry & joinery business?

There are 40,000 searches for “Carpenter” and 22,000 for “joiner” each month in the UK! I don’t need to tell you how competitive it is out there.

If you want your business to get noticed online, you’re going to have to step it up a little! Whilst other platforms, such as social media, are great for getting leads to your website, a SEO-optmised website has a better chance at keeping those customers on your page, whilst also helping it appear higher on the SERP…two birds, one stone.

Have a search on Google for a carpentry business near you, or for one of your services, such as timber windows. Do you show up for either? Nope? Time to start on your SEO!

What are the types of SEO?

Search engine optimisation can generally be broken down into 4 areas of SEO. Local, on-page, off-page and technical. Each type of SEO is essential if you want the best results.

1. Local carpentry SEO

local carpentry seo results from google

Local SEO for your carpentry or joinery business is a great way to obtain local business, and it’s free with a Google business profile.

Google will prioritise a local business on their search page vs a business 100’s of miles away that uses SEO to rank for your area. How often do you search for a local service to find them in the next big city.

Once you’ve set up your profile, ask for reviews from old and new customers to help build your credibility, add links to your website, phone and make the process of contacting you as easy as possible for your customers. This form of digital marketing is one of the best for local SEO for your carpentry business.

2. On Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimising your websites individual pages to show Google you know what you’re doing. This is collectively achieved by adding supporting content with keywords related to the webpage target intent using text, images, videos, meta data and alt text. 

For example, a service page for window manufactoring and fitting  should focus on that specifically adding keywords related to the service in the headings and copy plus add supporting media with alt text.

You can find a list of carpentry and joinery keywords with SEO tools such as Semrush or Keyword Surfer.

The above process should be completed throughout the carpentry and joinery web design. We include on-page SEO with all of our custom trades website designs.

The next step to really give your small business the edge over your competition is to start blogging. Before you rush off to grab a pen and pencil, understand that Google does not care about your company updates or new staff, sorry to be so harsh, but it doesn’t do anything for your rankings. Sure, some readers might find it interesting to read, so I urge you to keep doing those blogs.

To increase your website traffic with carpentry SEO, you need to be answering the questions your potential customers want answers too. 

For example “how to fit a door lock” has a few hundred people searching per month on Google. Create a useful blog on how to do this, and once some of those readers realise it’s beyond their skill set, who will they call to do it properly?

3. Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the process of having other websites telling their readers about you, it’s basically digital word of mouth. 

For example, use local directories, online yellow pages, social media profiles to your disposal or even offer to write a blog for another local business in exchange for a link to your website.

This area of SEO for carpentry and joinery busiensses is one of the hardest to achieve due to the amount of effort vs reward. Hiring a marketing agency for this area of digital marketing services will help increase backlinks to your website effectively.

4. Technical SEO

seo for carpenters website performance results

The better your website performs, the more favourable it is to search engines. Technical SEO plays a substantial role in how well your SEO strategy performs. 

Website performance is tested in various ways, such as; load speed, accessibility, best practice and overal SEO. Achieving a high rank here will go a long way to ensure you are catering to many groups of website visitors, plus, nobody likes a slow website.

TIP: Website speed is also related to poor website hosting space. Improving your website hosting  package should be the first step to helping your website speed.

How to get started on SEO for carpenters?

Whilst there are a few easy actions you can take away from this blog, those will only get you so far, and if you’re serious about investing into SEO, then you’ll need the help of a reputable SEO agency.

How do you know if the SEO agency is any good? Ask to see some results, and simply check their claims by googling the questions they claim to answer on behalf of thier clients. You can be confident that if you find an SEO agency on page 1 of Google, they probably know a thing or two!

Be realistic with the results you want and the agency claim to get you. SEO builds over time, and I advise any of my clients it can take at least 6 months before you see any real uplift, and 12+ before a return on your investment. 

SEO greatness comes from commitment and consisntency, and will usually pay back over time. There are also many varibles to think about, a new website will take longer to rank vs an existing one. How competitive the market sector you are in, the more popular it is, the more work you will need to do.

search engine impressions carpentry seo data

SEO tools to help rank your carpenters website!

Fan of statistics and data? Here are some useful tools to see how your carpentry and joinery SEO is performing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is great for measuring website traffic, user behaviour and page engagement. Setting up Google Analytics is quite simple, but does require some code adding onto your website, so perhaps one for the web designer or SEO agency.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a useful tool for carpentry businesses to find any errors on your webpages and monitors how each page performs . You can also track the number of impressions your website gets on Google vs how many users are actually clicking through to your website.


SEMrush is a free digital marketing tool for finding the specific carpentry and joinery keywords for your website, tracks your performance and how you compare to your competition. SEMrush has it’s own website ranking tool, offers website audits and backlink information, a real must for anyone venturing into indepth SEO.

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