Project: Amax Insulation

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Client: Amax Insulation Services

Trade: Thermal Insulation Contractor

Project Brief: 10 page website design & website hosting. Clean and functional design with on-page SEO and professional copywriting.


Amax Insulation Services is a family run business offering thermal insulation solutions nationwide across the UK. The scope of their services include thermal and acoustic insulation, sheet metal cladding, trace heating, insulation coverings and fire protection. They offer services to industrial, commercial and domestic customers across a variety of sectors including warehouses, retail and new build projects. Terry, approached us to re-design their existing website, with an emphasis for on-page SEO to increae his website rankings and traffic. 

Amax Insulations new trades website design is clean with a new flow which directs the customer through the business and services clearly, and gives many options for the customer to enquire about a quote. Each service page has been designed to give the customer reasons to believe, detailing what each service is and why pick Amax Insulation. The pages have been FAQ’s to demonstrate an understanding of the customers concerns and answers them thoroughly. This ensures good quality leads coming through to the team at Amax. 

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