How to start a blog on your trade website


Thinking of starting a blog?

Time to dig out your GCSE English workbooks, find an AI content writer, or do the sensible thing, and just leave it to the professionals and hire a copywriter. See; 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Copywriter

Blogs or articles are a perfect way to keep your visitors updated on your business changes and even show some of the work you’ve been doing! But, if that’s all you’re writing about, you’re missing a trick.

Blog and article content is a great way for getting found online for your business and services. How you may ask?

Why do I need a blog for my website?

Blog content is one of the main aspects of on-page SEO and plays a huge part in getting found on search engines. Simply google a question related to your trade, go on, try it now. How many websites show up answering your question? That’s exactly how your customers can find you. 

Providing useful information by the means of blogs speaks (not literally) to search engines, tells them more about what you do, what topics you cover and picks up on keywords to help place you on Google and so forth. 

Find out what your customers are searching for, write an informative blog, with pictures/videos and eventually, customers looking for those answers may find you on Google! If you want to learn more about SEO, we cover this in more depth in our SEO for trades guide.

What are good blog ideas for my website?

Have a think about what most of your customers ask you anyway. You’ve probably even answered these questions in your FAQ’s, so it might be time to expand on those in a blog. 

Good blogs should always be useful to the reader, either providing information or guides and written in a way that is easy to follow, remember, your customers are not savvy with trade lingo.

It’s also important to remember that blogs don’t always have to be SEO driven, and that it’s important to have a good mixture of content on your website. 

Now then, what should you write about? Well, whatever they’re searching for. For the purposes of SEO, you’ll need to research what “keywords” your customers are searching for. 


There are a few useful free SEO keyword tools that can help you here, but keyword surfer is the easiest, and works directly with google.

Keyword surfer google search result

“how to stop a dripping mixer tap” – 1,600 searches per month. 

Keyword surfer gives you an estimate on how many searches that question gets per month in the UK. Find a question with some searches, answer that question in an informative blog post, and keep your fingers crossed! Also hiring a professional SEO copywriter will help with keyword research and writing informative content for you!

Should I write blogs myself or hire a copywriter?

It’s likely as a tradesperson, you don’t advise your electrician mate to fit a boiler, well the same can be applied here. Copywriters are pen magicians, forming easy to read sentences and informational content whilst mitigating the do’s and don’ts of SEO all in your company’s tone of voice is worth its weight in gold, finding a good one is like digging for hens teeth. 

If you’re looking to start a blog on your website, and in search of a content writer, we work with copywriters who have knowledge of the trade world, and therefore understand the lingo, and when not to use it in your blog!

As a digital marketing agency for trades, we offer on-page SEO with every trades website design we build! Get in touch with us to find out more.

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